Devfingers on Mountain – the Coding Bootcamp Phenomenon

  1. How this unfolded
    1. pre-course work and tests to make sure that people are at a certain level before they start
    2. teachers instruct and facilitate discussions, mentors work 1:1, the real learning
  2. Pedagogy
    1.  Focus on relevancy
      1. Everything starts with a problem
      2. Learning objectives align with resume bullets
      3. involve industry experts
    2. Hands-on
      1. Fingers on keyboard as much as possible
      2. Guided practice
    3. Psychology
      1. The top 30% of people in STEM fields graduate, regardless of school. Likely because they are surrounded by people who are as smart or smarter than them, possibly for the first time. It can be difficult to cope with this.
  3. 16-year-old Coder
  4. I hate coding, but this is really exciting. When I was watching the video to prepare I thought I might even try it. I’ve decided since that I probably don’t have the aptitude, but I am excited about the pedagogical choices that they are using. I think a lot of these things can be applied to content other than coding. I think it’s great that their learning outcomes are connected to resume points. I think that there are some fields of study where this would be difficult, but it begs the question, why are we teaching things if not to help students get jobs? I think that when we design around learning outcomes we should also think about the purpose of the learning outcome. I also think it’s very interesting that they are taking psychology into account in their planning. While most learning experiences aren’t running at such a fast pace, I think it is important for designers and teachers to think about how our products are going to affect people, and how those feelings they are going to have might affect the way they learn. Even though I haven’t done any designs for coding, and may not ever, I think these things they are learning and thinking about are useful for other kinds of design.
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