Introduction to Interface Design

Interface Design

  1. Message, representation and control that makes something interactive
    1. message – comes from a strategy (contains the goals and the means, where do we want to get and how do we get there?)
    2. content
      1. what is the nature and structure of the subject matter?
      2. What sequence will it be delivered in?
    3. Everything involves a representation, but behind that representation there are some functions being carried out
    4. Instructional design is way behind industry/marketing etc. here
  2. Studio C Video – Message and representation
    1. Pure message – you could fill in anything people, any names, any topic of conversation and it would be the same. This is pre representation.
      1. If you can turn a message into a representation can you turn a representation into a message?
      2. You can think of a message separate from the representation.The message doesn’t have substance, the representation does.
        1. You want to say VWs are cool, fast, comfortable, people who drive VWs are Darth Vader, or cute kids.
        2. Most designers want to see the representations asap, but you need to think the message out well before you start representing.
        3. A GPS is a messaging system where the message isn’t composed until it is ready to be delivered. This is what a live teacher does. He responds to the class in real time.
  1. Plan for the class
    1. proximity/alignment  – Things that have a physical proximity usually have a topical proximity as well
    2. size
    3. color
    4. typography
    5. repetition
    6. rhythm
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