Educational Culture – Alan Wilkins

  1. Intro
    1. People ask consultants to “install” a new culture – this is the wrong way to think about culture change
    2. Sometimes the current culture isn’t matching the current goals. It is easier to change goals than it is to change culture
  2. Corporate character
    1. motivational faith
    2. shared vision
    3. distinctive skills
  3. Part of character
    1. artifacts – things you can see (the way tables, offices etc. are laid out)
    2. values – e.g. punctuality (can be implied by artifacts)
    3. assumptions – take for granted. Most important part
  4. Rapid change can destroy corporate character
    1. loss of faith in the organization
    2. loss of pride and clarity about “who we are”
    3. loss of distinctive competence
  5. Corporate Leadership – fostering change that develops rather than destroys corporate character
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