Abigail Hawkins

  1. General
    1. With instructional design you are always learning new things, because of all of the different projects.
    2. Keep your foot in the door career wise, don’t leave gaps in your employment history even if it is just a little that you are doing
    3. Your degree adds legitimacy to the things that you do
    4. In industry highlight your work, and put your education last
      1. People want to know the why, but not the jargon
  2. Risks
    1.  Analysis
      1. Look for the person who people are going to for answers
      2. Identify the most important stakeholders, don’t involve too many
      3. Analysis Paralysis – usually doesn’t happen, usually there isn’t enough analysis
      4. not enough information that you need at the beginning – be clear up front, check back periodically
    2. Design
      1. Team communication
        1. regular meetings to update everyone, keep everyone accountable
        2. Make sure everyone is clearl on their roles and expectations – DACI, Driver, Approver, Contributor, Informed
    3. Development
      1. Always takes longer than you think it will
      2. Get development milestones ahead of time. Give QA a couple of days and if it isn’t good send it back to the developers. Don’t waste QA time. No as early as possible that something has gone wrong.
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