Evaluation – David Williams

  1. Evaluation – discovering the difference between what is and what should be
  2. Everyone evaluates on some level
  3. What value do we place on data vs. other information we can use to make decisions
  4. Commonalities across evaluations
  5. professional evaluations are very similar to extra-professional evaluations
    1. hunches/gut/spirit/opinions of others
    2. search for rational justification
    3. made a decision
    4. cycle back through, not necessarily linearly
  6. The spirit plays a role between rational and extra-rational reasoning
    1. a lot of people seem to be using the spirit but don’t know it, or don’t use that term
  7. Some differences
    1. speed needed – go with hunch
    2. importance – go with rationality if hunch supports
    3. experience – (Gary Klein), develop intuition through experience
    4. other influential stakeholders
    5. formality – rationality trumps, at least publically
    6. LDS – spirit trumps with hunch and rationality
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