Competency Based Education – Tom Caswell / John Mott

  1. What is CBE
    1. Primary
      1. Awarding academic credit based on mastery of clearly defined competencies
      2. Aligning assessment, content and outcomes
      3. Does not imply a/synchronous or cohort/no cohort
      4. NOT based on seat time/credit hours
        1. Carnegie units were designed for teachers’ retirement time
      5. Why not measure learning instead?
    2. Add-ons
      1. emphasize mastery, de-emphasize time
      2. assessment play a central role
      3. individual support for learners
        1. faculty are just as important, if not more so
        2. one-on-one contact
      4. more flexibility and responsibility for learners
        1. accounts for prior knowledges and experience
        2. learning can be self-paced
        3. good for adult learners who have some experience
    3. Other options
      1. gated pathways – challenges at a certain level. Move on after cleared
        1. This works well when things are automated, but if you need human feedback it is most efficient if you can be on the same schedule as your faculty member
  2. Who is doing it?
  3. What are the considerations and benefits?
  4. How does it work?
  5. How do I get started?
  6. Other
    1. Those who are doing it so far started, so they want to help people adopt it
    2. Grades exist because time ran out. With more time people can be competent in all their outcomes. If you play games with points and skip finals etc. then you haven’t learned everything you are supposed to.
  7. Jon Mott
    1. the learning platform has to evolve to support the learning models that we care about. Current LMS support current courses, but they can change to support things like CBL.
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