Dissertation Defense

  1. The purpose of the final chapter is to synthesize everything you did, and future directions from your findings.
  2. Help professors not get lost in the data. Strive for the takeaways, even if it leaves out some of the data.
  3. Use quotes, even fun quotes. Craft a narrative, the story of these people’s experiences.
  4. Tables
    1. Tables break up the narrative flow. Use them sparingly.
    2. Tables are useful for looking at the the data and helping you think about it. Only the ones that tell the narrative of your article should appear there. The others can go in a dissertation appendix (or article appendix).
    3. Do something to tie the tables together?
  5. Review the research
    1. talk about what they did and discuss the gap that I’m filling
    2. If there isn’t much research you need to prove that. Look at new things coming in.
    3. Look at people citing the few things that there are
    4. go broader if you can’t find anything
  6. Should know
    1. What are the one or two big takeaways
    2. Reasoning for small sample size
    3. Who did what
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