Outstanding Student Presentations

Lisa Halverson

  1. Things to look at
    1. Seminal period
    2. Comparison of Journal ISI, etc

Darin Oviatt – An Evaluation of BYU semester online courses

  1. Issue – Is there a way that BYU can admit more (particularly LDS) students. There is an enrollment cap that help keep financial costs to the church down.
  2. Goal – to increase efficiency with online courses
  3. Purposes
    1. objectives – do courses meet institution goals for learning outcomes and student experience
    2. development research
  4. Findings
    1. More As in f2f and Bs in online – the rubrics for grading weren’t the same in the different formats. They consider the grades roughly equivalent and met the goal of 85% having a C or higher.
    2. Most (6/10) classes met the 70% of learning outcomes master level, and all but one that didn’t meet (4/10) all but one were close
  5. Online students tend to rate courses and equivalent but their interactions with faculty lower.
  6. Suggestions
    1. Communication change – setting expectations, getting practice
    2. Creating stronger relationships with faculty

Michael Matthews – Teaching 334

  1. Feedback videos – students like screencasts and webcam video of teacher
    1. I think this would be really useful in my teaching. I’ve been making screencasts, but I think it could be useful to add videos, and to lessen the transactional distance that I (and I assume my online students as well) are feeling
  2. Student comments can raise the questions, but good pedagogy should supply the answer
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