Interviewing, PLA, PAR


  1. Joseph Smith’s visit from Moroni during the night – Interviewing
    1. They had something like three interviews throughout the night and were engaged even thought they said about the same thing over and over. It might be part of our responsibility as interviewers to engage with them.
    2. How do you know if you’re off topic? We should be looking for connections to our topic, almost always there is one.
    3. If you don’t ask the question you won’t get the answer
    4. How do we record interview information without being distracting? recording and transcribe? notes?
  2. How do we interpret things?


  1. PLA/PAR
    1. A joining of “our” reality and “their” reality
    2. The goal at the end is for the people to have ownership and feel that they have done it themselves
    3. First you need to learn about what is happening with your participants and what they are interested in, then you can build relationships and co-build.
  2. I think this whole phase of my research may be the searching out and understanding the field portion of this process. Hopefully it will spark change in the future.
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