BYU-Idaho Pathways

  1. Designed for people who missed the higher-ed boat, didn’t start college at 18/19 like most
    1. ~35 y/o, people who are going back to school
    2. A combination of academia and religion
  2. Structure
    1. 3 semesters
    2. each semester they take 1 academic, 1 religion, 1 life skills
    3. online + a gathering component. Once a week people meet in church/institute with a missionary couple
    4. Those that don’t speak English have a speaking partner that they practice with.
    5. 40% of the students end up in BYU-I programs
    6. 5-10% of students are international
    7. No application fee, no test score, no essay, no endorsement – lowering the barriers are far as they can
    8. Very low cost $20-60 a credit which continues if they do matriculate into BYU-I
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