Tutorial Review

I used learning materials from three sources during this project: 1) a youtube tutorial by Dr. Rafael Hernandez; 2) blog and file tutorials from Peach Pellen and 3) the Corona Labs blog. Links to the specific tutorials I used and more detailed information about them can be found in my individual step posts. 

1. Rafael Hernandez: By the time I got to Corona only his intro video was still available on youtube for free, so that was all I used. It was a nice way to ease into using Corona. He went through the different files and the order in which to open them etc. and the very basics of what Corona can do. Unfortunately he must have been on an older version and/or a different type of computer because several things were just slightly different which can through you off in the beginning. It did point me in the right direction for the general things to do to get started.

2. Peach Pellen: Once I figured out how to open the files (which would have been great to have explained in her tutorials, but I can see why she figured it was unnecessary) these tutorials were extremely helpful. She had videos coupled with code so that I could see exactly which code did what. It was nice to have the chance to experiment with some code that I knew worked before I changed anything as I gained experience. Her personality is a little abrasive which made the comments sections less helpful, but they were still good for questions with the tutorials, most of the things I was wondering about had already been cleared up. I would strongly suggest these for anyone just getting started.

3. Corona Labs: I think it is so great that Corona is so dedicated to making high quality tutorials for their customers. These were almost always very clear, easy to understand and useful. They have good instructions, helpful sample code and links to other Corona information (API, sample projects in simulator). There was one (I think it was the story board one) that really left something to be desired. I found a better tutorial and added it to my PLE. Once I found the more basic tutorial, it was helpful but I needed something else to be able to really utilize it.

*Peter: Peter was excellent, I couldn’t have made nearly as useful of a set of steps and tutorials without Peter’s help (nor could I have found Corona). I think that it is possible to teach yourself to program, but it would have been very hard for me to make sense of how a lot of the principles worked without Peter to explain them to me. 

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