Step 10

Step 10 was finishing touches and things are looking great!

*I added a welcome pop up that explains the icons throughout the book.

*Speaking of which, I added icons for the sounds (starting and stopping), navigation, and information.

* I added definitions on the splash pad, in case people don’t know what some of the words mean.

*I added text boxes and submit buttons on the writing sections, they still aren’t going anywhere, but they are set up to eventually.

*I was originally going to add a pop up for the song at the end, but simulator can’t embed video, and the pop up of the whole youtube page wasn’t very attractive, so I added the song just like my other sounds. We’ll have to make sure they have all the rights before it gets published, but I talked to the owner and she said she had to get permission even to use the lyrics, so it hopefully won’t be too hard to go back and get permission for the singing, but we’ll see. If we need to the youtube video will work too. 

It’s really exciting to see everything come together and really surpass the functionality of a book. It looks quite a bit better even than it did a couple of weeks ago and is much more functional. 

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