Step 8: Introducing Physics

Step 8: (introducing physics)

  • Physics intro – This tutorial seems to be broken 😦
  • Solutions to Common Physics Challenges – I think this will be useful once I get some physics products in, though if I can’t figure that out in a timely manner, my original boxes are reacting strangely to each other (when they hit, they stick together and move around as one). I may do some teweaking on them, though I’m not sure if they’re quite the same object these instructions are referring to.
  • Using Physics – These look very fun. It almost makes one want to design a game. When I get some objects I’ll have to arbitrarily make them react differently with eachother (or maybe based on definition…).
  • Forced Horizontal/Vertical Bouncing – This also sounds exciting. Maybe I’ll make my word map bounce all around. It will probably be too much cognitive load.

I decided to create a bunch of bouncing words. I generated them all with the same format and then modified their positions so they wouldn’t run into each other in the beginning. I also made the bottom wall a little more bouncy than the others, so that they would take longer to stop bouncing and I wouldn’t have to use the fancy code (that I couldn’t get to work…) for forced bouncing. I found that too much density made the worst more “wiggly” than “bouncy” and that if they all came in together some of them would somehow get forced through the top wall and disappear.

It’s kind of fun to watch them move around, though I’m not sure that constant bouncing will improve learning (it is making me kind of dizzy). It might be fun to have the definitions available upon clicking, and then a blurring after a number had been clicked. It also might be nice to combine physics with touch events like with my boxes way back when so that the words could move around until they were categorized, and then static afterwards.

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