Step 7: (creating and transitioning between scenes)

Step 7: (creating and transitioning between scenes) I’ve really been looking forward to learning to create pages and move between them.

I read through all of these tutorials and they made a lot of sense theoretically but I couldn’t figure out how to make the things they talked about happen in practice. So, I did some looking around and found this introductory tutorial that I found very helpful. It included sample code which helped me see how all the parts were supposed to fit together. It also suggested looking to simulator code, and I started (and restarted several times when I somehow broke the program) a project in ebook with scenes form.

I spent a while experimenting with the sample code to figure out how it worked and which parts were essential, and then modified it to fit my simpler needs. It was surprising how complicated that was, I think because I was taking out code that needed other code taken out to really go away, and because I was adding code that was better used replacing something else. The terminal was very helpful as I worked through which parts of the code were having/causing problems.

In the end I got the title page to transition to page1. I created a page2 using the directions in the tutorial, which helped me to make better sense of how the code worked, but haven’t yet linked that to my other pages successfully. I also tried a straight copy over of page1 for page3 to see if I was doing something wrong with page2, but haven’t gotten that connected either yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to link more pages together next week.


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