Step 6

Step 6: (Widgets)

  • Look at the widget code in the Sample code that comes with Corona SDK – This looks like exactly the kind of example I was looking for to help me figure out how to create multiple pages and navigate to them, though it doesn’t quite go from one page to the next like a book. I like the bar on th ebottom for naviating between chapters, sections or books.
  • Native Web and Video APIs – Unfortunately web views aren’t supported by the simulator, so I’m not able to know if my code would actually work, but, I am very intrigued by the idea. I’ve been thinking about Connectivism lately, and it might be cool to have extra materials (like videos or websites about role models or something) that students could drag into a backpack of some kind for later. We could also have short videos as learning objects that they might have to organize or match with values or something. I am working on getting access to the new promotional video (which is online) but the files I’ve been sent haven’t worked yet.
  • Animated Sprites and Methods – For some reason the code won’t run for me, not even the sample code. It all makes great sense in theory, but when none of the code will run I’m not sure how to modify it for my purposes. The whole block of pictures seems to be different than the individual sprite I learned about in the video. I’m a little nervous about acquiring sprites should I need them for my app, since I don’t have many artistic skills.
  • Image sheets, image groups and sprites – This covered the same information as the previous post, and everything made sense (especially since I watched those helpful videos on sprites), but I couldn’t get any of the code to work here either. It didn’t crash the program, instead the program just kept going on without it. Hopefully I’ll be able to embed video. It would be really fun to get actors to act out the legends instead of me animating them as well, so long as I can get video to embed, which I think I’ll be able to once I get some video to work with.
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