Step 5

Step 5: (Events and data types)

  • Custom fonts in Corona – I’m not sure I need custom fonts, but it’s good to know how. Right now all of our information is in PDF form, but it would probably be better to have the words as texts so that individual words can be manipulated (turned into links is what I’m thinking right now)
  • Using the Corona Debugger – Progress, I figured out how to get the terminal open, and figured out how to type things into it, but, it won’t work. I wonder if  it has something to do with having spaces in my file name. Again, fortunately I tend to run the simulator often, and my code is still simple enough that it’s easy to track down bugs. It’ll be helpful for reference when my program grows, if I can figureout how to access the simulator….
  • Array Methods for Lua – So…I’m not doing so well making sense of what an array does. You can store a lot of information in them, but I don’t know what for.  Also, when I ran the code in the tutorial the output was numbers, but nothing is running in the simulator.
  • Working with Time: Delays and Counting – I got this one to work! I’m not sure what I’d need to delay in this app, though it looks like it would be very useful in a game. On the other hand, I think it could be good to keep track of the time students spend in the app. Once I have more pages, so that people can spend time in the app, I’ll go back and add that function.
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