Step 4

Step 4: (Scope)

  • Understanding Scope – This was a very helpful explanation of scope and when to use global and local functions. I’ve been creating local functions because I’ve been instructed to by my tutorials, but now I know why. It looks like don’t need to be as careful with naming my variables unique names, but I think that doing so helps me keep things straight anyway. 
  • The Significance of Local Variables in Lua – I think this will be a helpful reference when I know a little bit more. His challenge at the end is to go through and make as many things local as you can. As far as I can see everything that can be is local (I tried to make a function that contolled a local object local, but that broke it). 
  • Removing Objects and Variables – I think this has to do with removing things that have left the screen (for instance your falling cookies). I’m not sure if this will be useful in my situation, since so far I can’t think of anything I’d want to leave the screen (right now for instance my boxes are even set so that they cannot leave). You never know though. 
  • CreativEffects Using Blend Mode – This is a nifty little trick. Most of our artwork is done, but I think I could use it to make the animated parts of the app look more attractive. 
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