Step 3

Step 3: (moving and transitioning objects)

  • How to Drag Objects – I got a box to move (and I remembered how to make it blue). I was surprised that such simple code actually allowed this box to move whereever I wanted it to. The code looked a little like it would only allow me to move the box to a certain place, but it seems to go wherever I want it to.
  • Dragging and Practical usage – These seem to do very similar things, but differently, which is a little confusing. Peach’s way is simpler, so I prefer it. I also learned to keep things on screen!
  • Adding Buttons to your Apps – I did get the buton to work, and I was able to lable it and position the lable in the center.
  • Working with Buttons – Trying to make my button do something, however, was not meant to be this week.
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