Step 2

Step 2: (create and manipulate objects)

  • Sounds – Sounds has gone well o far. I learned how to get sounds to play when an object is tapped, though I couldn’t get touch to work even though they seem very similar to me. I’m not quite sure if each instance of “windchimes” is referring to the same thing, or if I could change some of them to be named something else with the same results.  I’m also wondering about where attribution should go for sounds. A picture attribution usually goes near the picture, but there isn’t a physical place for sounds. I also managed to start and stop some very irritating game music. I think I’ll comment out all the code after this step, but I thought it would be good to know for later.
  • More Transition Easing Tips – It’s fun to play around with the different kids of transitions. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to utilize them in this project, though. I’ve also send my button to a strange place, I’ll have to play around somemore to figure out why. I think that it starts here I first set it when I created it, but I’m not sure why it refuses to bounce into place when it’s done.
  • Applying Basic Animation with Transition – This is much less stressful than transitions, I hope you enjoy how nice my button looks fading in.
  • Creating Animations – I couldn’t figure out these instructions to start an animation on command instead of on start up. Maybe next time.
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