The Solution Test

The Solution:
  1. What does your solution do? – Our solution helps indigenous youth and adults find a career path and an eventual career they would enjoy. 
  2. How does it work? – The curriculum teaches learners through culture specific stories and values, to help students strategically find work, education and skills that will lead them on their chosen path. The curriculum will help people maximize their options so that they can reach their goals.
  3. Why would someone want it? – We market to groups (as opposed to individuals), like youth groups, tribes and churches that want to help their members be successful while holding on to and investing in their values. This curriculum allows them to accomplish both of these goals. Some feel that in order to make it in business you must give up your values or your history (through changing your personality, habits, language, etc or through underhanded business dealings) but this helps get ahead while staying true to their values. 

Testing The Solution: 
  1. Would you use this? Why or why not? –
    1. So far we haven’t talked to anybody that didn’t think they need the program or that the already have something.
      1. Administrators (principles, superintendents, teachers, cultural leaders). Most work through schools, after school programs, or summer conferences. 
      2. They like that it’s culturally based 
      3. they don’t see any other job readiness curriculum that uses a culturally based program, It helped students learn within their own culture, from their own stories. 
  2. If you used something like this, what are the top three things it would need to do for you?
    1. job readiness, helping students go out into the world and be successful at getting a job
    2. helping students understand their culture better using the legends, proverbs, language, etc. 
    3. helping students have a plan for the future and creating goals that they can reach (creating and improving resumes, and figure out what they need to be appealing to employers, ie. classes, service hours, etc.)
  3. What have I shown you that you don’t need or want?  – 
    1. There are 3 components 
      1. coaching young people for success – dream, decide where to go
      2. career cruising – assessments to validate and broaden their ideas, and then pinpoint those they are really interested in (from health care > nurse > neonatal nurse)
      3. books – market themselves, get out into job market. 
    2. Many schools already have an online assessment tool, so this isn’t something they need, so some people are interested in just part of the program 
    3. Some groups have problems with specific cultures. One group in the Midwest has many culture groups, another is mostly causation, but still low income students. For these we are working on a general American set of books.
  4. If you like this solution, what would you be willing to do to get it?
    1. Funding is the biggest problem when working directly with the schools
      1. some groups write this into their funding proposal for next year because they don’t already have it. 
      2. many schools want it but don’t have the money or the way to get it. We think we need to go to the sponsoring organization (ie Cherokee Organization) that has the fund to support the program in the schools they work with. 
      3. We got a competitive grant from Walmart that may be a gateway to more funding for individual schools and are applying for others 
  5. If you were in charge of the solution, what is the first thing you would do with it?
    1. some groups are interested in using this in after school programs, every day
    2. it meets all the state standards in Hawaii in the personal transition plan,  so it can be used to meet that need in Hawaii high schools. Some schools want to organize this curriculum to fit their existing career class.
  6. What have I got wrong?
    1. Some groups have requested not focusing just on indigenous groups, so we’re moving forward with that project.
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