The Product Cycle

Design a product

  1. Imagine what your ideal service or product will look like ten years from now. How will it work? What will it include? Make a list identifying every feature or aspect you’ve imagined. The sky’s the limit, so include anything that will make it better. Just be specific. (For example, if you think you’ll have a weekly newsletter, write that down.) Now start crossing items off of the list. Cross off anything that is not absolutely, fundamentally necessary for your product or service to work. Be honest with yourself as you do this. Don’t avoid crossing off your pet ideas, the ones you’re proud of but that aren’t fundamental to your product or service.
    1. I’d love in 10-years for it to be an interactive iPad program (or a program for whatever has replaced the iPad by then). They could probably still be books for those who prefer, but I think iPads will be a lot more efficient and cost effective.
    2. It would be adapted to many more groups, we have 4 (Samoan, Hawaiian, Navajo, Adult) in advanced stages now and several more (Spanish, LDS, Tahitian, Tongan, American) in the works, but there are many more groups that it could be adapted to. We are translating into French right now, it would be pretty exciting to expand into other countries as well.
    3. I’d like a better training plan than we have in place much sooner than that. I think it would be exciting if it could include some kind of blended component to most adequately work with people farther away. I’d like a well done training program based on sound instructional design principles.
    4. Speaking of which, I might like to do some revamping on the curriculum to reflect ID principles. We have cultural experts and teachers on the team, but so far I’m the only (pseudoinstructional designer, so that hasn’t really been addressed yet. 
    5. If we had more money better quality books would be great, through it’s impressive what’s been done so far, the graphics and design are quite good. 
  2. Using a person you trust, hand him or her the list and ask for feedback.
    1. Expand someday and write a book about how to keep a job once you get it (etiquette, how to interact in the work place)
    2. It would be great for students to be able to save their work in a real, working portfolio so that they can have a resume etc. that they can edit etc. for different jobs, and to have it available to them after the program is done. 
Identifying Position:
  1. This version has the right core features and they are well done. Figure out which new features to add to the next cycle.
    1. I think we have the core features already, good curriculum, a knowledgeable team and a clear and efficient way to adopt the curriculum for new groups. I think the next steps are expanding, and adapting to new technology to make things more accessible and efficient. 
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