My Idea

I am approaching this course from a slightly different angle than most, as I am working on a project/startup that is already in it’s early stages, but was started slightly haphazardly. My role here is to ask these questions and help formalize the plan for the startup so that it has a more focused direction moving forward.

The central component of this idea is to help minority students find a career path, understand what they will need to do to accomplish their goal and start on the path. It is well documented that minority students tend to do more poorly in school and economically after graduation. There is also some evidence that at least in testing situations students do more poorly when tests are geared to another culture or ethnic group. Therefore, the plan here is to create and implement career direction curriculum that is geared towards specific minorities and based on the myths that help form the basis of those cultures.

The problem we aim to solve is that there are many young minority students that  are not equipped to find a place as adults, either as students of higher education or in the work force. This idea fixes the problem by supplying them (through schools) with tools that are familiar and comfortable to help guide them through the transition to adulthood. I am concerned about this because I am frustrated by the achievement gap in the United States. I think that everyone should have access to the tools that will help them succeed in the adult world. I also think that many of our large scale problems could be solved with the help of more passionate and talented individuals that current fall by the wayside because they are born into disadvantaged circumstances.
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1 Response to My Idea

  1. Trever Reeh says:

    As a student teacher I worked at a place like this in Omaha and found it helpful for me as an educator to get a sense of what the students are interested in and how to help teach them the fundamentals.

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